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214 tag xrd-1.0-os willnorris 2905d 09h 38m /xrd/
213 remove revision history, update namespace.html, and prepare for tagging willnorris 2905d 09h 44m /xrd/
212 update namespace.html to properly reference CS01 willnorris 3020d 20h 52m /xrd/
211 tag cs01 willnorris 3022d 03h 39m /xrd/
210 prep for tagging cs01 willnorris 3022d 03h 58m /xrd/
209 update namespace uri policy document to reflect new CD willnorris 3041d 00h 51m /xrd/
208 tag committee draft 03 willnorris 3041d 01h 01m /xrd/
207 prep for tagging cd03 willnorris 3041d 01h 02m /xrd/
206 s/Committee Draft/Working Draft/ willnorris 3041d 01h 04m /xrd/
205 tag working draft 17 willnorris 3049d 00h 37m /xrd/
204 remove media type definition appendix, and prep for tagging willnorris 3049d 00h 39m /xrd/
203 tag wd16 willnorris 3083d 16h 06m /xrd/
202 prep for tagging willnorris 3083d 16h 08m /xrd/
201 add valid signature to example XRD willnorris 3083d 17h 02m /xrd/
200 Changed mime type file extension registration from 'none' to 'xrd'. blade 3091d 16h 26m /xrd/
199 add new OASIS trademark paragraph to notice willnorris 3127d 01h 27m /xrd/
198 add new OASIS trademark paragraph to notice willnorris 3127d 01h 29m /xrd/
197 add xml schema info to namespace.html willnorris 3128d 03h 02m /xrd/
196 tag cd02 willnorris 3128d 03h 13m /xrd/
195 prep for tagging willnorris 3128d 03h 28m /xrd/

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