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194 tag working draft 15 willnorris 3215d 09h 39m /xrd/1.0/drafts/wd15/
192 Minor clarification that 'type' attribute values use the same rules as 'rel' but are not the same thing. blade 3221d 06h 56m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
190 add comparison rules, and prep for tagging willnorris 3221d 08h 32m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
189 s/eXtensible/Extensible/. Also whitespace and line length fixes willnorris 3223d 11h 01m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
188 Made subject descriptions consistent. blade 3235d 10h 06m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
187 Corrected typos and very minor editorial changes blade 3245d 16h 48m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
185 prep for tagging willnorris 3249d 09h 09m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
184 minor editorial changes to dateTime and Title sections willnorris 3249d 09h 10m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
180 fix xref willnorris 3249d 13h 07m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
179 additional changes from Drummond. Add revision history for upcoming WD13 willnorris 3249d 13h 09m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
178 update text regarding 'Z' timezone. remove trailing whitespace willnorris 3249d 13h 25m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
177 update copyright date, and editorial changes from Drummond willnorris 3249d 13h 45m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
174 prose changes, make extension text normative, fix example XRD willnorris 3251d 12h 16m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
171 prep for tagging willnorris 3254d 11h 52m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
170 s/XRD Sequence documents/XRDS documents/ willnorris 3254d 12h 18m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
169 a few minor wording changes, as well as whitespace cleanup in schema fragments willnorris 3255d 10h 16m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
168 fix schema for XRDS/@ref attribute willnorris 3255d 11h 31m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
167 consistent formatting of references, line length be damned willnorris 3255d 11h 36m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
166 new namespace URI versioning policy (thanks Scott) willnorris 3255d 11h 51m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
165 updated conformance text willnorris 3255d 11h 58m /xrd/1.0/trunk/

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