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158 fix mime type willnorris 3245d 00h 55m /xrd/1.0/drafts/wd10/
157 tag wd10 willnorris 3251d 21h 35m /xrd/1.0/drafts/wd10/
154 * Clarify <Alias> definition to express that the element does NOT extend the subject of the XRD and is only used to describe the subject resource
* Add text to <Subject> to make its design restrictions more explicit
* Focus link selection on 'rel' with 'type' as a useful hint.
* Replace text about ignoring links with unknown template syntax with instructions to follow the protocol-specific rules on handling bad templates
blade 3255d 23h 27m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
153 a few more whitespace changes willnorris 3260d 23h 17m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
152 fix whitespace and line lengths. No substantive changes willnorris 3260d 23h 20m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
151 add Id svn:keyword, and correct numerous misspellings willnorris 3260d 23h 31m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
150 fix cardinality of XRD child elements of XRDS. update XRD examples. mark all appendices as non-normative willnorris 3261d 00h 14m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
149 bump stage number and add revision history willnorris 3261d 00h 34m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
148 update relax ng schema and xrd document to reflect new schema willnorris 3261d 00h 51m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
147 allow Property to be nillable willnorris 3261d 02h 08m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
146 update schema -- replace Type with Property, add Property to Link, move most Link child elements to be attributes willnorris 3261d 02h 38m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
143 docbook version of XRD is authoritative, not html willnorris 3272d 16h 07m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
142 transition to new OASIS docbook stylesheets. This also requires updating the spacing on the two example XRDs so that they properly fit the PDF width. No normative changes willnorris 3272d 16h 12m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
139 re-add dropped names in acknowledgements section. revert change to /XRDS/XRD cardinality (that will need to wait for CD02) willnorris 3272d 16h 52m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
138 fix mime-type willnorris 3273d 01h 24m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
137 line-length/whitespace nazi at work willnorris 3273d 01h 27m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
136 first stab at OASIS namespace document willnorris 3273d 01h 29m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
135 fix capitalization of 'Extensible' willnorris 3273d 01h 30m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
134 first set of QA changes, based on Mary's feedback willnorris 3273d 02h 10m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
133 fix cardinality of XRD inside of XRDS willnorris 3274d 01h 38m /xrd/1.0/trunk/

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