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126 rename html file and add mime-type willnorris 3286d 23h 57m /xrd/1.0/drafts/wd09/
125 tag working draft 09 willnorris 3286d 23h 58m /xrd/1.0/drafts/wd09/
120 bump names of TC members who were noted in XRI Resolution 2.0 for 'particular contributions' willnorris 3287d 16h 06m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
119 drop Link Subject and KeyInfo. These only had clear meanings in the context of a linked XRD. Without that, the appropriate definition for each is unclear. willnorris 3287d 16h 09m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
118 Template language fixes blade 3288d 15h 12m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
117 Clarified that rel values are not allowed to contain space-delimited relation types
Removed default template and change text to make it application+relation specific
blade 3288d 15h 34m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
114 update relax ng schema to reflect new cardinality of Link child elements willnorris 3290d 02h 33m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
113 prep for tagging willnorris 3290d 02h 37m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
112 integrate feedback from Drummond
- update several references
- update OASIS copyright statement to latest
- various minor editorial changes
willnorris 3290d 02h 41m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
111 minor wording changes willnorris 3293d 01h 47m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
110 add conformance statement regarding XML Signatures willnorris 3293d 21h 25m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
109 fix a couple of typos, update member affiliations, add changelog for upcoming working draft 07 willnorris 3293d 21h 31m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
108 remove all linked XRD language. Update XRD processing rules to reflect removal of linked XRD as well as the simplified cardinality of Link child elements willnorris 3293d 22h 03m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
107 reorder Link sub-elements to reflect schema willnorris 3293d 22h 39m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
106 reduce cardinality of Rel, MediaType, URI, and URITemplate to 0 or 1 willnorris 3293d 22h 48m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
105 update names for a few references (no substantive changes) willnorris 3293d 23h 02m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
104 Small selection clarification and type language blade 3316d 00h 37m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
103 Replace 'application' with 'consumer' where appropriate. blade 3316d 18h 15m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
102 update reference section (more to come...) willnorris 3316d 18h 53m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
101 More editorial changes and new container for section on Type Matching blade 3316d 19h 03m /xrd/1.0/trunk/

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