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82 set mime-type of text/html willnorris 3391d 08h 14m /xrd/1.0/drafts/wd05/
81 add date to working draft willnorris 3391d 09h 05m /xrd/1.0/drafts/wd05/
80 tag working draft 05 willnorris 3391d 09h 09m /xrd/1.0/drafts/wd05/
72 several editorial changes (mostly from Drummond). Strengthen requirement that consumers MUST select elements in document order. willnorris 3392d 09h 48m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
71 cleanup whitespace and line lengths. No substantive changes. willnorris 3392d 10h 56m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
70 update XSD schema (thanks Scott) and replace normative Relax NG schema fragments in the spec with XSD willnorris 3392d 11h 49m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
69 remove the priority attribute and update processing text accordingly willnorris 3392d 12h 47m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
68 revert last commit... wasn't ready for that yet willnorris 3392d 13h 00m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
67 add Extensions element and update element order. willnorris 3392d 13h 01m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
66 add Extensions element and update element order. willnorris 3392d 13h 24m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
65 remove match attributes from subject and alias. remove subject matching section willnorris 3396d 09h 40m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
64 add a fairly basic verison of 'Common Data Types' section. Not sure how in-depth we want to get on each type. willnorris 3396d 09h 45m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
63 New template language blade 3396d 15h 37m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
60 add customized XSLT stylesheet I am using to generate xrd-1.0.html willnorris 3403d 09h 02m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
59 s/related resource/linked resource/ willnorris 3403d 10h 59m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
58 update language about expires element and add placeholder for XRDS willnorris 3403d 11h 02m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
57 add 'match' attribute to Alias element willnorris 3403d 11h 18m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
56 standardize on names XRD 'consumer' and 'provider' willnorris 3403d 11h 21m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
55 Editorial changes to subject matching and signatures blade 3403d 13h 24m /xrd/1.0/trunk/
54 Changed the order of sections in XRD processing
Changed link XRD must to should to bring in line with priority language
blade 3403d 13h 44m /xrd/1.0/trunk/

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