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207 added ""; so it can be used to return a list of object id's such as in the response of the deleteTree operation. melahn 1771d 13h 20m /trunk/BrowserBinding/schema/
205 added rootUrl to repositoryInfo melahn 1792d 13h 45m /trunk/BrowserBinding/schema/
204 added maps, and several new elements like repositories, objectParent, objectParentList, objectContainer, typeList, typeContainer, transaction; included some type prop type info in property (cardinality and type), added repositoryUrl to repositoryInfo melahn 1792d 14h 11m /trunk/BrowserBinding/schema/
200 added id's; fixed syntax error in properties bag melahn 1823d 15h 10m /trunk/BrowserBinding/schema/
194 initial version melahn 1875d 16h 20m /trunk/BrowserBinding/schema/
192 melahn 1875d 16h 23m /trunk/BrowserBinding/schema/