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133 albertcbrown 2721d 10h 44m /checkpoints/20091016/
131 - removed "Part II" from Web Services binding document title
- aligned WSDL with domain model
fmueller 2730d 15h 38m /trunk/
130 Fixed acknowledgment for Craig Randall. ryan.mcveigh 2731d 12h 31m /trunk/
129 Minor clarifications. ryan.mcveigh 2735d 05h 36m /trunk/
128 Minor corrections (exceptions) fmueller 2736d 19h 49m /trunk/
127 Minor corrections fmueller 2739d 12h 55m /trunk/
126 Minor corrections fmueller 2739d 15h 11m /trunk/
125 Regened examples + removed one comment from restatom xsd albertcbrown 2742d 08h 36m /trunk/
124 Craig added to Initial Ack section albertcbrown 2742d 08h 38m /trunk/
123 Updated examples + changed Craig -> Adobe albertcbrown 2742d 08h 39m /trunk/
122 Removed comment albertcbrown 2742d 09h 17m /trunk/
121 Minor corrections fmueller 2742d 09h 55m /trunk/
120 Minor corrections fmueller 2742d 13h 49m /trunk/
119 updated examples albertcbrown 2743d 09h 34m /trunk/
118 albertcbrown 2743d 09h 35m /trunk/
117 Minor edits for clarity. ryan.mcveigh 2744d 05h 19m /trunk/
116 Accepted changes from 0.70b to make clear additional changes made afterwards. ryan.mcveigh 2744d 06h 00m /trunk/
115 Additional cleanup and typo fixes. ryan.mcveigh 2744d 08h 43m /trunk/
114 ryan.mcveigh 2745d 08h 30m /trunk/
113 albertcbrown 2745d 09h 55m /trunk/

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